Yethu is an application that sets to use an investment strategy that has been in place for generations. By harnessing the power of modern technology for investing it’s possible to freshen and improve the idea of Stokvel investments for the future.

We recognized a large number of trading platforms and investment companies were offering online apps and we drew inspiration from the idea of a traditional South African Stokvel that could be organized on a smart phone device.

The problem with a traditional Stokvel was with organization and trustworthiness. When we created Yethu we set out to address these issues by offering a Stokvel management application that would create transparency and success for those interested in trying this investment strategy.

We created Yethu with the idea of addressing financial inequality within South Africa as well as the rest of Africa through its eventual expansion. We want to promote savings throughout the African people and ensure that they have the tools needed to accomplish their loftiest financial goals. Everyone has financial dreams but with the right platform of financial vision can turn into a reality.

With Yethu, we have a platform where the people of South Africa and Africa as a whole can begin creating small investment communities to watch their savings grow and support local industries. With these small communities our users are accomplishing their financial goals such as getting out of debt, saving for weddings, saving for vacation, putting money into educational funds, building funds for community celebrations and more.

These important financial investments should be available to everyone and with Yethu, we are making these considerable financial investments more accessible to our members.

Our vision for the future is to continue the expansion of this platform and to offer more features that can make a positive impact in the creation of new savings communities, the organization of members and the eventual financial returns of anyone using Yethu.

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