If you are considering some of the best ways that you can invest, there are many different options that you could consider in the modern investment world. Yethu is an application that uses the traditional Stokvel system for investing. Unlike investing in mutual funds, putting your money in a savings account or simply putting money aside, a Stokvel allows you to have a direct impact on the money that you are saving and the ability to see greater returns by saving with other people. While this may sound similar to a mutual fund, Stokvel’s often offer better returns and allow you to reinvest in the community with local investment opportunities. So what are some of the advantages of using Yethu over other investment methods?

Its all on an application: unlike some other types of investments which can be difficult to track, you can check into your investments at any time on your smart phone. Get real-time US dollar amounts on your returns in your current investments.

Its transparent: With a Stokvel like Yethu, you can set a deposit limit for every member every month. See when you made your last deposit, see when other members made their last deposit and keep track of every transaction made by individuals in the Stokvel.

Its easy to share news: instead of other investment groups where you will have to send out massive e-mail chains or even letters to find out a time to meet with one another to discuss investments, it can be easy to push notifications out amongst every Stokvel member and ensure that they are getting access to every message. You can get real-time messages from all Stokvel members on concerns with your investments as well as information on meeting dates, proposed changes and more. Getting everyone organized is easier than ever before with Yethu.

For some of these top reasons and more, investing in Stokvel’s with Yethu is the clear choice with todays technology.


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