Saving for a wedding can be an extremely difficult process especially when you don’t have much help in investments. Using a Stokvel could be one of the best ways that you could bring your dream wedding to life with a group savings plan. The idea of a Stokvel is one of the simplest ways that you can save with a large group for some of life’s largest expenses. Yethu is a brand-new tool that you can use to harness technology to organize your Stokvel and make savings much easier.

In the past, many Stokvel’s were organized through community centers, local neighborhoods and more. By using Yethu you can make the process of raising money much easier by harnessing the power of technology. As you start working towards your wedding date you can start saving early using this application and even get multiple family members involved too.

By working with your family members and friends to set a monthly sum for every member, everyone can invest money and then reinvest in projects throughout the community to see a healthy return for your wedding date. Yethu can make the process of donating money monthly very simple for everyone involved in the group as well as ensure that the process of investment can be handled all within the application.

By investing for your wedding early in the Stokvel you can have multiple months of contributions as well as several different investments running for your portfolio. When your investments mature you can receive the full amount of Stokvel payments through the application that will help you to get your money back with massive investments for the future.

As you start saving early on, you can build a huge bankroll to comfortably pay for your wedding in the future. Use Yethu to make the process of saving easier than ever before.

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