If you are looking for a simple way to have an amazing vacation with friends you should strongly consider joining the Yethu Stokvel application. After you graduated from school it can be difficult to start raising money especially if you have student debt or you would like to get started with a brand-new home or apartment. With the help of Yethu however it becomes much easier to start saving a travel fund with several friends together.

Begin raising money by investing with friends over a few months or even a few years and you could potentially put together a travel fund that will help you take the trip of your dreams. Set out the basic budget that you might need for your trip and then start raising money together in the application by having friends add a weekly, monthly or even small daily amount. As everyone continues to add a few dollars each day or even a few dollars each month, it is possible to enjoy a vacation on extremely short notice and with a prompted saving strategy.

No other system in the world can currently offer the ease of saving or budgeting with investing. The traditional Stokvel system would generally take an extensive amount of organization but with the Yethu app you can just sign up as individuals, regularly submit funds and budget for your trip as necessary. Even if you have just finished school, it can become much easier to simply enjoy saving together in a group and enjoying the premise of a memorable vacation with one another together.

Stokvel saving systems have been around for hundreds of years but the Yethu app brings a revolutionary new technological advantage making organization, investing, saving and contribution easier than ever before.

If you are planning a trip with a group plan and save using Yethu today.

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