Yethu provides advanced documentation for the stokvels and from the application’s interface, members can track all the meeting activities, access minutes, view the status of their contributions, track missed payments, missed meetings and much more. It thus saves the entire stokvel community from the strenuous documentation needed to ensure that the operation of the unit is transparent and above board.

Why Yethu is better than competing apps?

Yethu is the first mobile app of its kind to be built alongside the stokvel community and is specifically customized to meet the needs as well as solve the challenges faced by the community. The designers of the app spent considerable time in Khayelitsha with the community to understand their problems so that they can come up with the right solution. The result was a stokvel-centric application which provides a solution to the challenges faced by the stokvel community.

The other fundamental difference between Yethu and the other competing apps is that it can be accessed via any phone on the market, since it uses a USSD platform and is SMS integrated. The app is also linked to the Stokvel’s bank accounts to act as an assurance to members that their money is secure.

Having been designed and developed by a competent team of individuals comprising of seasoned software developers, mobile banking experts, and community leaders, Yethu is one application destined to improve the operations of the stokvels and give more benefits to the members. The app was endorsed by LifeCo, a worldwide social enterprise and has incubated by Far Ventures Enterprise. The team is passionate and optimistic that the app will ensure the stokvel community gets the ideal product that South Africans can use to financially empower themselves.

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