Yethu is a ground-breaking mobile application available on all platforms and designed to foster transparency and enhance security of the stokvels in South Africa. Over the recent years, loss or theft of community funds have been on the rise, thus defeating the spirit of the Stokvels. This is mainly due to the structure of the stokvels where one single person, usually the leader, is responsible for collecting and distributing the funds of the group.

Yethu aims at improving the financial education of the members so that they are well informed of the potential risks the current arrangements have and also presenting them with an alternatives which they can use to continue keeping their funds in the stokvels, but more securely. Though the Yethu mobile app, it is believed that there will be reduction in the loss or theft of the funds of over 11million South Africans saved in the stokvels.

With the mobile application, it is believed that members will now have transparency, security, and accountability which are not so pleasing with the current stokvel structures and the leaders will also have access to a management tool to increase their accuracy and improve the trust bestowed upon them by the members.

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