If you are interested in getting serious about your savings in South Africa you should strongly consider the power of spending wisely and saving your money for retirement. If you are looking for some of the most popular strategies in South Africa that you can use for the safety of your future, you should consider a Stokvel.

Stokvel Funds

Stokvels pool money as a community in order to save towards a common goal.

The problem with traditional investments is that it can be extremely difficult for the average investor to pull enough money to see real growth. Managed accounts with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars can often quickly climbed to huge heights with gains and investment. If you want to make the most return on investment for your money working in a Stokvel or invitation-only investment club, you can pool your money with others to see a much greater return on your investment.

A quality Stokvel group can invest in high-priced stocks as well as business opportunities. You work as a community to invest your money together with several people and see the payouts of your investment annually to every few years. Funds directly come out of the accounts of each member and many quality Stokvel groups can see massive returns as a result of their efforts.

Investing in your future with a group of individuals could have some huge benefits. You may be able to vacation with members of your community from the profits that you receive, generally retire from around the same time and take advantage of excellent investment opportunities when they come up because you will collectively have the capital to invest.

With all members of the community in a Stokvel participating equally and as a like-minded collective it is possible to see some truly amazing profits. In some ways it’s almost like having your own little hedge fund or investment firm!

While putting money in a savings account or investing in stocks individually in South Africa can net you some decent returns, if you want a greater shot at secure retirement savings, you should strongly consider getting into a Stokvel group.

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