Dear All,

I hope you have had a fantastic year and are looking forward to the new year.

Here are some current updates with regards to Yethu formerly known as Stokvella.

 Overall status of Project:

At the start of this week Stokvella successfully re-branded to Yethu, however our official launch date is on the 15th of January, as the start of the new year commences and new Stokvels come to life. Yethu recently won R70 000 in software development from French Tech and Methys, as well as R100 000 from PERA the Western Cape Government initiative.

 Admin and the Organization:

We have 3 new interns joining our team from Belgium next year, that all start in mid January. They will assist in customer acquisition and marketing. We currently have just over R30 000 being saved through our system with 93 users on Yethu.

Tech Dev:

This month we had a new website launch in line with our re-branding now found at ( We also started on our bank integration development, which should be complete within the next week, allowing members to access their financial statements and stokvel money movements through Yethu.

Next milestones:

Our next target is to have 50 Stokvels onboard for the start of 2017. The Dev team also looks to integrate EFT payments and have increased automation with deposit collection and calculation. Further time will be put into improved user friendliness and overall design.


Best Regards

Tuskan, Sebastian and

The Yethu Team

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